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One of the greatest compliments that we have received over the years is hearing how great we were with the kids. Most parents say that their kids don’t behave, won’t sit still, don’t do photos, etc., but over the decades of children’s portraits that we have done, we have developed a few techniques that always seem to work for us.


Let kids be kids

Children are happy, fun, and energetic. It can often times seem daunting to try to manage a child’s attention for photos, but instead of fighting it, we engage it. We like to let kids be kids: being goofy, make funny faces, have a good time, and we even join in on the fun. This makes the session more fun for the child, engages them on their level, and leads to natural expressions.


Attention span

Keeping their attention becomes easier once you engage with them on their level, both physically and mentally. Sitting still for a child for a long period of time can be a difficult task for a child, so we often try to move them around and capture spur of the moment action shots.


Giving them props


One of our tried-and-true methods to help guide a child along during a portrait session is to give them something to hold, interact, and even play with to keep their attention for a longer amount of time. We try to keep the props themed to the session, so we might get beautiful unexpected action shots, or we can use our Photoshop magic later to fix it up! 😂 😂 😂


Making short attention spans work for us

Worried about your child’s’ short attention span? Don’t be. We use this time to re-adjust our equipment, change lenses, and adjust props, locations, and lighting. This help to relieve stress and tension for the child, the parents, and ourselves.

$45 Tulip Photos in our Victorian Garden

Over the years we have captured memories for hundreds of children with cute, timeless portraits on our wrap-around Victorian deck and garden. Photos on the ornate deck, the rustic mini bridge, and the beautiful arrangement of colorful flowers makes for amazing autumn themed portraits. Don’t miss this opportunity for only $45!

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