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Summer is in full swing: enjoying the beautiful weather, going to the boardwalk with your family, creating memories that you won’t soon forget. A great way to capture these memories is with a Family Beach Portrait from Foschi Photography. Once you schedule your portraits, you are sure to start wondering what to get everybody to wear. Making sure that your family looks great in your beach portraits is essential. Harmony is the use of simultaneous chords in order to form a complete scene, which is why the clothing choices and colors are just as important as the photographic skill set. Below is a list of clothing choices for family beach photography!

1. White is always a great choice.
The clean, basic color of white goes great against the natural tones of the beach: the sand, the water, the sky. The white color showcases the beautiful colors of the scenery, serves as a much needed light reflector, and has a clean, timeless look. Many of our photos include people wearing white. It is a traditional color that will never go out of style, so there is no need to worry about an old family photo not looking great for years to come.

2. White with denim or khaki.
These are also traditional looks for beach photography, simply because they work well. The mix of khaki color with white helps to soften the image while blending well with the background of the sane and deep colors of the ocean and sky. The outfits can be mixed together, allowing for a photo where not everybody dresses the same and adds a dimension of personality to the portrait. White linen shirts, khaki pants rolled up, white sundresses, khaki colored cargo shorts all look great in a photograph, especially with a touch of a third neutral color, such as teal or soft orange, as an accent in belts, bows in the hair, or necklace.

Denim works in much of the same way because it looks beautiful against the sky and sand while the white helps showcase the natural beauty of the skin tone. As with the khaki color choices, you can add an element of color in accessories to finish off the look completely.

3. Blue.
Blue is a color that you can never go wrong with. For the same reason than denim works well on the beach, blue shirts, skirts and accessories, help accentuate the soft, beautiful colors of the sand as well as complement the deep shades and gradients found in the sky and ocean. Generally speaking, all hues of blue look fantastic against the backdrop of the beach, but, in particular, the lighter shades look best. It allows for added depth, fun and most importantly for the parents: makes for less fighting between children when they try to choose a color to wear for the photo. You can coordinate everybody to have the same blue element, or have some fun with it and mix and match to show off personality. Finish the look off with khaki or white for a fantastic beach photography outfit.

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