Children’s Photo Club

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Children of all ages are welcome to join our Children’s Portrait Club. We recommend that children be photographed four times a year until they are 2-years old. This is when the changes and development are most dramatic. After 2 years, we suggest at least twice a year photo sessions until they are 5-years old. There is no fee to join our club. By coming back on a regular basis you earn special discounts available only to club members photographed on our special children’s portrait days.

Children’s Club Packages

Peter Pan


Prints from 3 poses
6 gift-size prints

Save $133.00



Prints from 1 pose
8-wallet size

Save $24.00



Prints from 4 poses
5 gift-size prints

Save $150.00



Prints from 2 poses
7 gift-size prints

Save $133.00

Gift size prints are your choice of a 5x7, 4x6, (2) 4x5 or 4 wallets
Want to add a pose to any package? It’s only $15 per pose!

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